Kelli Stockley

Wife, mom of 3 boys & 2 dogs, art teacher, artist, graphic designer, lover of HGTV, home renovation & design. Jack of all trades, master of none, I think they say? I'd like to think I'm a master of at least one of those things! Born and raised at the beach, lived and worked in the city; now I'm the suburban mom, who's big adventure is to the drive up at Target. In the past 3.5 years, my husband and I have moved to the burbs, had 3 kids, changed jobs and renovated a house. Not in that order, but most of them happened at the same time. We love chaos, although we'll never admit it and we dream of that relaxing vacation alone on an island somewhere, to which, we'll probably bring the kids!

So, a few things happened in the past few months; I like to refer to it as 2020. I had a complicated delivery with my third son [read "7 Minutes"], I had another birthday and I lost my teaching job due to budget cuts.We decided [for now] that we are done having babies. I absolutely love my life and have truly never felt more blessed to be a mom of 3 beautiful and animalistic boys, but since I never got the sweet little Emma Grace that I would've loved to have as a part of our family, I'm channeling her through the Emma Grace Blog!  

I like to think positively and truly believe that with the start our last son had to his life, and during this pandemic, that I was meant to stay home with him. And so, the stars aligned and here I am! I love all things creative and I really enjoy to shop, so you're going to find everything on this blog, from casual style to home renovations and DIY projects, design, decor, some family and lifestyle and simple beauty. Again, jack of all trades...This is my passion project and with my newfound time and love of sharing, sometimes oversharing...if I can provide any humor, inspiration or just be relatable to anyone out there, then I consider that a win! I really hope you enjoy keeping up with this crazy life
[and home] we've built! ....UPDATE: I'm back to teaching art!


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