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Belgard Outdoor Living Fire Pit Giveaway

If you're looking to spruce up your yard and make it truly functional, Belgard Outdoor Living offers so many wonderful products and ideas. They have styles and prices to fit an array of budgets and they just came out with this amazing Belgard Rooms Planner! Picture sitting at the picnic table with Joanna Gaines, under the magnolia tree and seeing your total transformation come to life! Whatever the space may be, outdoor dining, office, kitchen, lounge, fire pit...Belgard has it!

While we are on the topic of fire pits, I am so happy to announce that Belgard and I are teaming up to gift one of you, your very own! The other night we sat around ours as the sun went down and the weather got a little chilly and it was perfection! A fire pit is a great way to extend the length of time you can use your outdoor space for the year. [If you're not in a climate that allows this year round.]

When I was listening to Joe Raboine, the expert for Belgard Outdoor Living, talk about the concepts behind the HGTV Dream Home 2021 design, it got me thinking about how to elevate your outdoor space [literally and figuratively speaking]. Something as simple as a fire pit can change the way you use the space, the length of time you can use it, add dimension to an otherwise flat space and improve the entire vibe, overall!

Having received quotes for our patio [inclusive of a fire pit], I know how expensive the built ins can be! A DIY option is the perfect solution for someone who may have an existing patio but wants to incorporate a new fire pit or maybe you don't want to install a permanent option just yet!

The fire pit will be ready to assemble and shipped directly to you! Get ready to get your DIY on!

Head over to my instagram page and make sure to follow the simple rules for entry! Good luck!

[PLEASE NOTE: Neither Belgard Outdoor Living nor Emma Grace Blog are responsible for assembly/installation of this fire pit. Color and final product to be determined based on product availability at the time of winner selection.]

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