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Dining Room Built In

A little over 2 years ago, I sat down and literally drew out, with pencil and paper, our vision for this house. With the help of our contractor, we have made our vision come to life and it is amazing! It's so cool to see the actual black and white sketches and then the real deal. My favorite part of this whole process and ultimately, our home, is that every little detail and nuance, is totally unique and custom! Things that we thought we would hate about elements of our reno, that we couldn't avoid, ended up providing charm and character! Since we are working on our Dining Room next, in preparation for [hopefully] hosting Thanksgiving, I have included photos of what it looks like now and our inspirational drawing, along with the custom DIY built in we did in the family room. Don't judge me, this room is serving as a catch all until we have the proper space to put everything where it belongs! Also, don't mind my husband in the before photo. [eye roll]

Once I get it together enough, I will come back and post some of the MAJOR before, drawings and after pictures of the big renovation. It is spectacular!

Our main theme is black and white with metal and wood tones. We're trying to keep it natural and simple. It's a Coastal Modern Farmhouse vibe. My husband makes fun of me for using all of those terms to describe it, but it is. I have driftwood scattered throughout as wall art and we created custom wood accent features that match, to tie it all together. We have the built in shelves that you see below, our kitchen island posts, kitchen open shelving, our wrap around mantle and our plan is to have the countertop in the dining room built ins and office the same. It took a lot of trial and error to find the perfect color to match our hardwood floors, but we found it by using clear pine and Minwax wood stain in Walnut.

You can see more photos of the house on my instagram page! Enjoy and feel free to reach out with any questions!


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