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Macy's Black Friday Deals Roundup

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

After an instagram ad caught my eye, with the most adorable bag [that's now out of stock, of course] I fell down the rabbit hole that is Macy's black Friday Sale! They have some really great products for in insanely affordable price point - so I put together a little gift guide for you! I hope it helps! Enjoy! Check out the sale at Nordstrom here!

I'll be adding more in the next few days, so check back to see the updates!

These Boots are so amazing and you can not beat the $40 price point! They also come in four colors and all sizes are stocked!

Wear them with leggings or skinny jeans with an oversized sweater and you're ready for brunch, the ski lodge or a night out!

On sale from $69.

This little coin/card purse is such a great neutral staple for your bag! Perfect to keep your Id, debit and a credit card and some cash in, for that quick grab when you're running into a store and don't want to carry your whole bag! Best part...it's Nine West and it's $15, normally $30.

This 12 piece, non-stick cookware set would be perfect for a first apartment or an off campus college house, or any household! It's by Brooklyn Steel co. and they have so many color combinations to choose from! On sale for $99 from $239.

I actually have this little set of bowls and they are perfect for so many things! We use them for syrup and pancakes with the kids, homemade sauces with meals or snacks or to place out for parties with nuts, etc. They're by Lenox and are on sale for $6 from $18.

There's a collection of plates and mugs too!

How cute are these knives?! If you've never used the ceramic knives, they really are amazing and you can't beat the animal prints! They are $13.99, on sale from $40.

This 4 piece luggage set is great for $109.99, originally $360! It comes in 6 different colors [there are more gender neutral options] and has everything you need for a basic trip!

I know this is tufted platform bed is a totally random item but it's only $299 for a Queen size! It also comes in a darker grey color and the look is great for versatility across design styles and bringing warmth to a space!

I am loving this highlighting palette and Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands. I use her face primer and the quality is fabulous, feels and smells great! It's on sale for $35, from $50 and comes in 4 different shades.

2 words; Cole Haan. This puffer coat comes in 8 colors and is $94.50 from $315!! All sizes are full stocked! The interior vest is huge for staying warm in the cold weather!

This Karl Lagerfeld Puffer comes in 2 colors and is on sale for $168, from $420!! It has a 5 star rating and is fully stocked! Grab it while it lasts!

This velvet blazer is perfect for the holidays or just a night out on the town! It comes in several colors and you can snag it for $29.99 from $89.50.

We all need this. How gorgeous is this wool wrap coat?? I am obsessed with the added interior that zips up to your neck to keep the chill out. It's so unique from your typical wrap coat! It's great for styling purposes too because you can keep the coat open and have the interior zipped up! On sale for $160 from $400 and comes in 4 gorgeous colors!

This Vince Camuto sweater is selling out quickly but worth including in this list. I'm grabbing one for myself in a size Medium, for a little extra slouch. If you want a more tailored look, grab your tts! Going for $34.50 from $69.

My husband is so difficult to shop for and is super picky about what he wears, but he would love this Michael Kors puffer. It's stylish but basic enough for the every man and comes in so many colors. It's a great deal for $79.99 from $225.

I came across this adorable little buffalo plaid set for babies and toddlers and had to throw it in! It's only $10.40 from $26 and would be so perfect for all winter long! It's selling our quickly; only 6 and 18 mos left!

Here's the coveted bean shaped belt bag I spoke of in my opening blurb! They told me they'd let me know when it's back in stock, so I included it with the hopes that it does, in fact, come back. I need it! Comes with 2 straps and reviews say it's buttery soft! It's on sale for around $40, from $60.

If you love cashmere, this is the sweater for you. It's a remarkable $39.99 from $99 and comes in so many colors. all sizes are stocked too! they have gorgeous tones, perfect for the holidays and this pink one just screams fun pop for winter! Would also be perfect for Valentine's Day!

As I said in the beginning, I will be adding more as the days go on, so be sure to check back!

Thanks so much and happy shopping!



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