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The Difficult Husband's Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

My husband, Rob, is all over the map. He'll buy, what I think, are the most heinous looking shoes and spend hundreds of dollars on them...and then he'll rock an Old Navy Henley on the daily. I've tried to buy him [again, what I think] are great gifts for Christmas, his birthday etc...and to no avail. We return everything! So I sat him down and asked him to tell me some ideas that HE thinks would make great gifts! I linked some items and if you like them, great! But, if not, maybe it will at least help guide you in the right direction! I also combined his personality with that of one of our best friends, because they are super similar and wildly different at the same time. My husband would NEVER wear slippers and that's the first thing Bryan [our friend] puts on when he gets home! So, I'm hoping we got a little something for everyone! [My motto]

Below is a Look Book that you can scroll through and hopefully find something you think your man will love! It's inclusive of a nice jacket, some golf pants and golf balls, slippers, some tech, a wallet and watch, to name a few...also some staple and transitional pieces, ie: shoes you can wear with jeans but one day when he goes back to the office, he can wear them with slacks too! Just scroll using the arrows and click on the pic to shop!

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